Video content in sports 2.0

Content with the most engagement, views and attention? Yes, that’s video content. With the possibility to post the most beautiful videos in HD on all kinds of social media and web applications, as well as the possibility to watch it from all devices, video has become the most popular way of communicating an identity. But what’s the future of video content? What will be the video content in sports 2.0?

Live video
It’s live video that’s becoming the standard in sports content. Just some examples. A couple of days ago Twitter announced that they will broadcast the NHL through live tweets and Facebook just gave us he possibility to share moments in sports live on everybody’s timeline. And what about live broadcasting? YouTube, the biggest video platform is making it easier than ever before to bring sports into the homes of your audience. In sports, video content is the most powerful content.

There are a lot of great examples, but we would like to show you the live broadcast of the Team Presentation of our client Team Stölting Service Group:

It’s a beautiful way to interact with your fans, partners and the media. And of course a perfect opportunity to share an authentic and transparant view into any team / club / sports organisation.

Virtual Reality
Imagine sitting front row at an NBA game, almost touching Lebron James as he passes by… while you’re sitting at home. It might be possible in the near future with the fast evolving possibilities of Virtual Reality. The 360 degrees cameras are getting better and better as well as the VR-glasses that will give you access to all the VR-content. At Postman we’re exploring the possibilities of VR with a brand new 360 degree video camera, we will show you the first results as soon as possible.

To show you an example of how interesting VR is for sports, have a look at this video:

One thing is sure: there’s a lot to discover in the years to come. And we hope that we as Postman can play a role in this development of video content in sports as we continue to deliver you the latest and most exciting content!