The secret behind successful sports organizations

What is the definition of success for sports organizations? Is it the amount of wins during a season? Medals? Records? Or is the amount of ‘Likes’ and ‘Followers’ on social media? The size of the ‘fanbase’? Or is it the amount of sponsors and partners? The dollars/Euros?

At Postman we believe that successful sports organizations can be recognized by a mix of the things we mentioned above. Success of the athlete(s), the amount of fans and the sponsors/partners. The most successful sports organizations have a sustainable mix: They exist for many years and are always competing with the best in their sport, they have a loyal fanbase and sponsors/partners who keep investing in the organization. But how do these organizations realize this ‘Mix of Success’? What is the crucial factor?

No sponsors without an inspiring organization, without sponsors no salaries for athletes, and no fans without an interesting story to connect with. So where does it all start? At Postman we believe in the power of the unique identity of a sports organization.

That’s why we started this agency, because we think it’s crucial for sports organizations but is underestimated too often! Why? An inspiring and unique identity for a sports organization is the starting point for everything. Athletes, sponsors/partners and fans need a reason to believe in the organization. Why should they care? All the successful sports organizations have an identity like that. That’s why they exist for many years, that’s why they succeed and organizations that only strive for wins and medals are losing at the end.

We truly believe that strategic sports communications are the secret behind successful sports organizations. Want to know more or do you want to know how you can get strategic sports communications for your team/club/tournament/race/association? Please contact us here.