The Final behind the NBA Finals

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are currently tied 2–2 in the NBA Finals. But what’s the score for their social media activities? Who’s going to win the final behind the Finals? Let’s find out..

Likes on Facebook
The first challenge: who has the most likes on Facebook? The Cavs take the lead in this social final, with 3.9 million likes on their Facebook page. The Warriors are not far behind, at 3.6 million, but the first score goes to the Cavaliers.
1 – 0 

Followers on Twitter and Instagram
The score is soon tied up again, though, because the Golden State Warriors have more followers on their official Twitter account. Every tweet posted by the Warriors has a potential reach of 874,000 people, whereas the Cavs have 827,000 people following their latest updates. On Instagram both teams have 1.2 million followers. Tied game!
2 – 2

It’s good to have a lot of likes and followers, but interaction with fans is more important. So which team takes the lead here? For this question we compared the Facebook and Twitter interaction (likes, shares, retweets and comments) of both teams after their latest win in the Finals. The Warriors interacted with 177,000 fans on Facebook and 19,000 fans on Twitter. Cleveland interacted with 158,000 fans on Facebook and 14,000 fans on Twitter. The Golden State Warriors take the lead!
2 – 3

Most popular athlete
Both teams have their stars. For the Golden State Warriors the MVP is Stephen Curry. The Warriors’ top scorer is quite a popular guy, with 2.9 million likes on Facebook and 2.3 million followers on Twitter. But where Curry is a star, the MVP of the Cavs is a superstar. Lebron James owns it with 21 million likes on Facebook and 22 million followers on Twitter. Without even addressing the two MVPs’ interaction on social media, it’s clear that the Cavs tie the social finals thanks to their superstar!
3 – 3

It’s 2 – 2 at the NBA Finals and 3 – 3 in the ‘Social’ Final. Conclusion: it’s going to be an exciting end of the season for both teams at one of the world’s most popular sports competitions..