Team Stölting Service Group Testimonial – Christian Große Kreul

Following the closure of Team Stölting Service Group, we spoke with Christian Große Kreul, team CEO, to talk about working with Postman.

What is the brand you represented when working with Postman and what was your role there?

I worked with Postman as the CEO and General Manager of the German Pro Continental Cycling Team Stölting Service Group“.

How did you first come across Postman?

I met Geert Broekhuizen of Postman at the presentation of the 2016 Tour de France in Paris, in late 2015. I had just taken over as the General Manager of the aforementioned team and after a brief discussion about marketing, strategy and communications in the sport, I already knew I had found a perfect partner.

What services did you bring Postman onboard to fulfil?

Postman was responsible for the marketing and communications of our team. They constructed the team’s website, as well as setting up and managing the team’s social media accounts. Postman also organized a legendary Team Presentation in Düsseldorf which went out to the public as well as being live-streamed online.

How did you find working with the Postman team?

It was a special experience working with the Postman team. They have experts for every respective task, but they are also always able to quickly join forces if necessary. For example, it`s no secret that we were close to a terrible PR disaster when one of our major sponsors quit as a complete surprise close to the start of the season. The job that Postman did to prevent this day and night was impressive and we really became close over this.

And what were you most impressed by while working with Postman?

The speed, the high quality and attention to detail, as well as the calmness even in stressful situations. And the people.

Would you recommend Postman to other brands in sport? Why?

Yes, without any doubt. It`s a young and hungry, but also already really experienced and mature team. I would say in cycling especially there aren`t any better guys.