Benefits of analysing social data

Social data insights to improve and plan future strategies

Social media has been a great tool for businesses to reach fans and customers. It has enabled interaction between brands and consumers. But as communication professionals we want more. Thankfully, we have learned that social media has more to offer than just conversations. The highly valuable data provided by social media can help to achieve overall company goals. Simply because this social data gives you detailed audience insights. In this blog we will explore the basics of using social data to improve your business.

Benefits of social data
With social data you can learn who your audience is, where they are, what their interests are and how they act. All these insights can in turn help you to plan future marketing or communication strategies. There are three important benefits of using social data:

1. Smarter organisation
Social data helps to understand what your audience likes, what the trends are and what the results of your communication efforts are.

2. Happy fans and customers
Thanks to social data you can offer fans and customers a unique experience because monitoring enables you to see how people interact with content and it can tell a lot about where you should be focusing on.

3. Real time insights
With social data tools you can analyse your campaigns real time. This gives you the opportunity to optimize your services immediately.

Social data tells you what people are saying about your brand, how many people see your tweets, what photo’s are shared the most, what trending is on YouTube right now etc., etc. That is pretty cool, right? But where to start? Well, there are several (free!) tools that can provide you with some nice insights.

Twitter data
Trendsmap –  Explore real-time local Twitter trends
Hashtagify – Discover all trending hashtags related to your business
Tagboard – Use hashtags to search and display all public social media activity
Sharetally – See how your content is doing in the social world
Twitter Analytics – Probably Twitter’s best kept secret

Facebook data
Graph Search – Internal search tool that helps to find people, places, photo’s and interests

For example:

facebook search data

Visual social media
Iconosquare – Discover key metrics about your Instagram account
Youtube Trendsmap – Explore the most popular YouTube videos by region, age and gender
Youtube Dashboard – Browse through and compare the most viewed and most shared Youtube videos

These are some basic tools that can give you great insights into your audience and the results of your communication efforts. Do you need help with this or with creating great content for your audiences? Please contact us.