A #rio2016 Twitter recap

A look inside the Twitter activity during the Olympic Games

How many tweets were sent during the biggest sporting event on the planet? What was the most tweeted moment of the Games? Who was the most mentioned athlete? We know it all, thanks to the interesting insights revealed by Twitter. In this blog we give a quick Twitter recap of #Rio2016.

Most mentoined athlete
Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian ever, already racking up 22 medals in the four Olympics before Rio. And he wasn’t done there. With winning another six medals – five gold medals and a silver – in the pool in Rio took his tally to 28. There’s little wonder then that the American swimming sensation was the most mentioned athlete of the Games. And there’s no surprise who came in second – you guessed it, Usain Bolt.

#rio2016Most popular moment
With Phelps being the most mentioned athlete, and the incredible medal haul for the U.S.A. in the pool, obviously resulted in swimming being the most-discussed sport on Twitter during the Rio 2016 Olympics. Brazil’s success in the Football gave the sport a boost in Twitter discussions, making it the second most discussed sport, ahead of Track & Field in the third place.

Twitter is not dead
Finally, how many tweets were tapped out during the competition? 187 million! Within those tweets, there were an astonishing 75 billion impressions. That’s more than the 150 million tweets sent during the London 2012 Games where Bolt beat Phelps to top spot in the athlete mentions. In that edition the Jamaican sprinter sparked 80,000+ tweets per minute after winning gold in the 200m sprint. Who said Twitter is dying?

rio2016 twitter recapAll in all, it makes for a lot of tweeting! Statista.com puts the number of active monthly users on Twitter as 247 million, which shows the magnitude of the number of tweets expressed over the two weeks. What was your favourite Twitter moment of the games? Let us know on Twitter @wearepostman.