Postman on Press Office Duty at the Tour d’Azerbaidjan

The Tour d’Azerbaidjan is becoming a recurring date in our diary now, with the organisation working with us year-on-year to organise the race’s Press Office on-site, as well as a short PR campaign in the run up to the race. We can look back on another successful delivery at the race, gaining international coverage through a strategic press plan around the event, with key press invites allowing us to reach all corners of the world.

Tour d'Azerbaidjan

After a series of press releases building up to the event – including the launch of event partners, teams and key riders at the race – all focus was on the event itself and accommodating the eight press invites we were allocated to garner as much international coverage as possible.

We were fortunate that the race once again provided a true spectacle with exciting racing over all five stages, and a spectacular scenic backdrop each day to bring the country to life. This, paired with the stories that were created out of exploring stories around the riders and teams themselves, gave plenty of angles for the press to cover. The resulting coverage included column inches on every continent around the world.

Here are some of the stories and publications that covered the race:


Eurosport Australia

Canadian Cycling Magazine


Ciclismoweb (China)





Naszosie (Poland)

Caracol Radio.co

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