One-year anniversary

Geert Broekhuizen

Today is officially Postman’s one-year anniversary. Anniversaries are a great moment to look back and reflect on accomplishments, and to share a bit of perspective on what we’ve done and what our plans for the future are.

From the beginning I asked myself daily, what is the goal for Postman in 2025? Where do we stand 10 years from now? To build a sustainable organisation it is important to define your goals, because I believe it is so much easier to reach your goals when you know where you want to go, but also where you don’t want to.

The ‘why’ of Postman
Postman originated from the unfulfilled needs and the weaknesses in the world of sport. From the beginning, we had a clear vision on sports communications. Communication in the world of sport is more than just telling the audience about the results. It’s about connecting fans and companies and creating a sustainable identity. Also, many sporting teams are still dependent on temporary sponsorships. Teams come and go. It happens. Yet this structure has had some negative consequences for me in the past, which doesn’t create a sustainable environment.

The ‘how’ of Postman
Thus, my goal for 2025 was clear. I want to build a sustainable organisation that offers value to sports organisations, but I don’t want to make this journey alone. I want to do this together with a group of people who have a passion for sports. Young, enthusiastic talents for whom self-development and having responsibility is very important. People are a company’s most valuable asset and I want to provide them with a role in an organisation that guarantees continuity. If we keep supporting this development, I have faith that natural growth will follow.

Another important aspect for me was (and still is) to build an organisation without relying on resources from outside. Sustainable growth is key to me. No external investments and no premature decisions. Of course, every choice comes with a risk, but there are no bad choices and I am proud of those that we have made so far. To improve, we ask ourselves every day, how can we become better than we were yesterday? I believe this is the right path towards growth.

The ‘what’ of Postman
One year ago, on the 26th of May, we launched the Postman brand. Postman stands for ‘delivering interaction’. On one hand, this promise is about our purpose to help sports organisations communicate a message, and on the other it’s about the fact that we deliver, literally. This is what we do and we do it together with people who are intrinsically driven and who believe in the Postman of 2025.

Sometimes people say, every risk is a chance. But if you defined where you are heading there are no risks, only chances. In the end it all comes to this: plan, do, check and act, and that is so much easier if you know what your ultimate goal is.

Our one-year anniversary in a nutshell
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