Press Release: Hutchinson Signs Agreement with Bicycle Manufacturer Orbea

Hutchinson has signed a collaboration agreement with Orbea to supply the bike brand with its Fusion 5 Tubeless Ready 11STORM tire model, which will feature on selected Tubeless Ready models of 2018 road bike range of the Basque manufacturer.

11STORM is a new and exclusive component for road tires, developed by the Hutchinson R&D laboratory, which increases the efficiency, the grip and the mileage of its tires.

For Joseba Arizaga, Road Product Manager at Orbea: “Orbea is characterized by taking care of its users with particular importance. We share with them a passion for cycling and we identify for them all the new solutions that will make riding your bike more fun and safer. The tire is a component to which all users lend a particular importance and undoubtedly the Tubeless Ready system’s advantages’ will be a positive for the Orbea range”.

Aurélie Gonzalo, Export and OEM Area Manager for Latin America and Western Europe at Hutchinson confirms that: “The new version of the Fusion 5 Tubeless Ready 11STORM, which was launched in June, has improved rolling resistance, mileage, puncture resistance and comfort, while simultaneously achieving the same excellent results in weight and grip. With this new compound, we are seriously competing with the key players in the market.”

As for the advantages, the Basque bike manufacturer believes that the Tubeless Ready system offers better grip, less rolling resistance and more comfort, in addition to its great advantage against punctures, thanks to the internal liquid which seals the tire to prevent the cyclist from having to stop. The Tubeless Ready system is an ideal addition to the bike, especially for those equipped with disc brakes, which are becoming ever more common among road cyclists. The low pressure and the better grip achieved thanks to The Tubeless Ready technology permits a better control of braking distance.

Hutchinson was a pioneer in the introduction of the Tubeless system in MTB and road, and today offers TLR tires with great benefits in a varied product range. Orbea has chosen the Fusion 5 Tubeless Ready 11STORM All Season model because it is a high-end model that combines the best performance and offers its users two widths of 25 and 28 tires that can be chosen at the time of purchase.


For Joseba Arizaga from Orbea: “The TLR system, especially the 28mm width, reduces the usual tire pressures and improve grip and comfort without compromising rolling resistance. It is not true that a wider tire doesn’t roll as well as a narrower tire, but on the contrary, it can offer less resistance, more grip and a better comfort. The 25mm tires sacrifice a bit of comfort, but we gain a few grams of weight for many cyclists. Cycling, and the way we practice it, has changed a lot and we want our users to be able to choose between the solution that best suits their style.”

Moreover, Arizaga adds: “The new 11STORM from Hutchinson has good grip, especially in wet conditions. The surroundings around Orbea are characterized by multiple climbs and downhill, paved roads, as well as dry and wet conditions. The new compound is very versatile performing very well in all conditions which gives confidence to the rider.