Defining goals and achieving targets

A phrase often parried around in early January is New Year’s resolution – every person’s idea to change an aspect of their life for the better or for the greater good. And a target often forgotten just weeks later. But this initial step of creating a resolution is the most important step in reaching any kind of goal, be it in work, life, sport or any other circle that takes change and planning to make something happen.

This process also runs true in any PR, Marketing or Communications plan we develop at Postman, and as a part of our iPOST planning process through which we develop identities for our clients. You start off by looking at where you are now, look towards what you want to become and achieve, and then you can look at the changes needed to get there.

Smart goals
There’s a well known acronym often used for setting goals and targets, and this is a great way to get yourself going if you’re looking to set some for yourself – they should be SMART.

Specific – your goals should be pin-pointed and defined so that you, your company and those around you know this goal and can work together to achieve it.

Measured – This denotes that your goals should be measured in steps, helping you to progress and achieve the desired point from which you can then reset and re-focus.

Agreed upon – The goals should be discussed with others within your organisation, or if it is just yourself then you must write them down so to help you stick to them.

Realistic – There’s no point setting goals that cannot feasibly be attained, or setting targets that are far too easy to reach. However, to help push yourself and those with you the goals should still make you work hard.

Timed – There should be a time frame from the start to the finish of you reaching your goals, and this will help you to stay focused and to keep pushing to achieve. Without any time pressure, there’s always something else you can divert your attention to, delaying progression in what matters.

Set your target
We have our own internal procedures around setting targets for both ourselves at Postman and for our clients, together with our iPOST method, but we should always keep in mind the SMART method of target setting. Give it a go yourself and set yourself that New Year’s resolution, that new sporting target for the next twelve months, or the new commercial targets for the coming year. And if you need help in developing these with your brand’s communications plan, then let us know!