Annemieke’s top five reasons to visit New York as a sports fan

I am a sporty type: I love to practise sport myself, visit different sports events and I work in the centre of sport. Every time I visit the USA my heart beats faster – the USA breathes sport. So, with autumn kicking in at home in the Netherlands, my family and I took some time out to travel to New York. The fun began in the plane with the movie ‘Concussion’, a thought-provoking sport drama about brain degeneration with NFL players, and the documentary ‘Iverson’ about the life of the famous Basketball player from Philadelphia.

The top five reasons for visiting New York as a lover of sports are quite simple:

1. Running in Central Park is magical, you feel like a New Yorker. We woke up early for a run and although I am not an early bird, running in Central Park was special. The quietness in comparison to the busy city is huge. The sun and the autumn colours made it a feast to run through.


2. After the workout you need a healthy breakfast, and you’re spoilt for choice in New York. My favourites are The Cupping Room cafe (Lower Manhattan/Soho) and Coco & Cru (Noho).

3. Visiting a sports game in New York really is an experience. In the past I visited some basketball games, but this time we went to an Ice Hockey game in the Barclay Center, Brooklyn – the New York Islanders against the Arizona Coyotes. The whole experience starts when you enter the stadium with all the shops and food & drinks all around, then time flies when you are watching the game. Fortunately, on this occasion the Islanders won 3-2!


4. Sports shopping is what we are good at! From Nike Town to the Adidas store, from the NBA shop to the NHL store and all the different running stores, we can’t get enough of it. For the kids these shops are like museums, with games to play and different things to watch. My favourite this year was the Under Armour shop for good quality running shirts and shorts.

5. Last but not least – after a long day, walking and running through the city, you can chill by watching sports on TV. American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, you name it, it’s on.

To conclude, get inspired by the energy of the city! New York is a great place to visit, it’s always on the move and there’s never a dull moment. Just walk, look around and enjoy. It’s that easy!