Team Stölting Service Group

At Postman, we’ve been working on something for quite some time now, and we can’t keep it to ourselves any longer… Presenting to you: Team Stölting Service Group, our new client!

We have been appointed by Team Stölting Service Group to create a unique identity and to build a visible brand. The identity, ‘creating a passion for cycling in Germany’, is empowered by the phrase #PassionToRide and is reflected across all of the team’s content and communications we develop (website, videos, social media platforms, events, press relations). By building these aspects of the team’s identity we create a story that attracts fans, media and partners to help the team grow and prosper within the sport.

About Team Stölting Service Group
Team Stölting Service Group is a Pro-Continental German cycling team founded in 2013. The team is managed by Christian Grosse-Kreul and is formed of a mix of experienced riders and young talents, with riders such as Gerald Ciolek and Fabian Wegmann sharing their knowledge to develop others. The team’s aim is to create a passion for professional cycling in Germany and to build a global following.