We want to evolve the way that people interact with sports. To do this, we take a forward thinking, strategic approach to communications to create connections and deliver interactions. Learn more about how we deliver.

Communications Plan

A detailed plan of how you can get the most out of your brand, communications and organisation. We analyse and define your identity, objectives and target groups to create this plan.


As a stand alone service, we offer a unique, in-depth analysis of your brand and its market. With this service we create an extensive report to hand over, that includes analysis and reporting of the brand’s Identity, the People that can best benefit the brand, and the overall Objectives of the communications strategy. This allows us to, as part of the IPOST scan, build the most suitable Strategy for you, as well as to decipher the best Tools to deliver this.

Content Creation

Our team of content creators know what it takes to capture your audience and tell your story. Evaluating which content channels suit you and your audience is one thing, but developing and maintaining the content is another.


We can help you to execute through written content, social media, video, photography and infographics.

Press Relations

We have strong ties throughout the media to tell your story. Let us evaluate the publications in which you want to be heard and allow us to expand your reach through the press.


Through a targeted media strategy around both the press and events, we will put your brand in front of the right audiences to maximise impact, get your voice heard and to tell your story.