A year on Twitter – What has the world been talking about?

With just weeks left of 2016, we can certainly look back and say that it has been a busy year for global events, both at home and abroad, and for the good, bad and indifferent. And what happens when something profound occurs somewhere around the world? People all over take to social media to express their opinions, so we took a look at what’s happened on Twitter this year.

Shining the spotlight on the UK, the most tweet moment was the embarrassing defeat for England by huge underdogs Iceland from the Euros, with a hefty 128,000 tweets per minute on the subject. Globally, unsurprisingly the Rio Olympics dominated the top of the tweets, closely followed by election2016 and then PokemonGo in third.

The US election was one of several big political moments to catch global attention in 2016, with Brexit making the six most tweeted event in 2016, while the #BlackLivesMatter campaign also made the top 10 moments of the year on Twitter.

From a sporting point of view, Portugal winning the Euros was up there with the most tweeted topics, including a celebratory tweet from captain Cristiano Ronaldo that gained nearly 113,000 RTs and just short of 200,000 Likes!

When the Leicester City fairytale finally came true, a simple yet well-timed tweet from the club’s Twitter account gained a stunning 395,000 RTs and 363,000 Likes! Sometimes the most simple campaigns, timed to perfection, can gain the most traction.

We also took a look a few months back at what the biggest conversations were on the social media platform at the Rio Olympics. You can read that here.

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