2015’s social media

The end of December is traditionally the time to reflect back on what you did during the year. For us, 2015 was a very special year, as it saw the birth of Postman. We were able to deliver distinctive communication strategies and interaction for various sports organizations, and we are very proud of the work we’ve done this year.

Like a good Postman we are driven to deliver the right message. Below you can see some examples of successful messages on social media for our clients this year.

Team Stressless
Providing unique content for fans and followers to engage them during off-season.


Curious? Visit the Facebook page of Team Stressless.

Bart’s Bar
Engaging followers and creating interaction by giving them the possibility to give their opinion on the product.



Interesting, right? Visit the Facebook page of Bart’s Bar.

The world of sports offers many opportunities. Next year we will continue with our current clients, and we are looking forward to delivering for new clients as well!

Would you like some help with the strategic use of social media for your team, club, tournament, race or association? Please contact us here.